• For the convenience of conference participants who bring along their small children, the Kindergarten school affiliated to National Sun Yat‐sen University can provide temporary child care service during the conference period. If you need the service, please fill out the application form( (click here to download) and e-mail to us:
  • 為服務攜帶幼兒同行的與會者,APERA &TERA 2016 大會特與中山大學附屬幼稚園合作,於會議期間提供與會者臨時托育服務。若您需要此服務,請填寫APERA&TERA 2016 臨時托育服務申請表」並e-mail 至大會秘書處, 我們將為您預約安排::    


  • Besides, while you register online with TERA&APERA2016, please remember to select the period of time when the day-care service is needed and make the payment.
  • (此外,當您進行APERA& TERA2016 線上註冊時,請記得勾選您需要托育服務的時段並繳交費用。)
  • Temporary Child-care service operated during:2016/11/10~11/12 08:00-17:30
  • Age of children:for small children aged between 4~6
    (托育服務時間:2016/11/10~11/12 08:00~17:30)

  • Fees:(insurance fee is not included)
    Per full-day: US$ 35/NT$ 1000
    Per half-day: US$ 25/ NT$ 600
    (費用: 每一整天為35 美元/1000 台幣,每一半天為25 美元/600 台幣)
  • Payment Method: Please make the payment when you register on line with APERA&TERA2016.
    (繳費方式: 於線上註冊TERA&APERA2016會議時進行繳費)
  • If you have any further inquiry about temporary child care services, please contact us at:

    Secretariat, Local Organizing Committee of APERA&TERA2016
    The Institute of Education, National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung Taiwan
    E-mail: tera@mail.nsysu.edu.tw